Meet the Team

Tufts University Center for Engineering Education and Outreach
The members of the Center for Engineering Education and Outreach (CEEO) are dedicated toward improving engineering education in the classroom; from Kindergarten to college. The CEEO has research programs aimed at understanding how kids and adults learn engineering. This research then informs the development of various educational tools. The CEEO collaborates with a number of companies to bring these tools into the classroom and then our outreach arm works with teachers around the world to further refine these tools and to support the teacher-user community.

Meet the Community

Chris Rogers
CEEO Director
Chris has a strong commitment to teaching, and at Tufts has started a number of new directions, including learning robotics with LEGO bricks and learning manufacturing by building musical instruments. He works in various classrooms, although he has been banned from recess for making too much noise.
Marya Schnedeker
Research Assistant
Marya co-manages the CEEO maker space and enjoys exploring space design, equipment, curriculum and online communities for creative  learning environments.
Ethan Danahy
Engineering Research Program Director
An engineer and computer scientist at heart, Ethan focuses on technology solutions assisting engineering education. He oversees the design, implementation, and deployment of these products, while simultaneously serving as one of the main developers in the group.
New York Hall of Science
The New York Hall of Science was founded at the 1964–65 World’s Fair and has evolved into New York’s center for interactive science, serving a half million students, teachers, and families each year.A visit to NYSCI is a hands-on, energetic educational experience where you can indulge your curiosity and nurture your creativity. NYSCI offers professional development for teachers, produces curricula and resources for classrooms, and studies how technology, gaming and play affect how we learn. .
David Wells
Manager of Creative Making & Learning
David is responsible for all programming and activities in NYSCI’s Maker Space.  He oversees the design and implementation of maker related programs which engage families, students and visitors of all ages, as well as maker education initiatives that use local artists & makers as guest facilitators.  A self proclaimed “maker of things”, David also designs sight specific interactive art installations using discarded technology, audio experimentation and digital media to create an interesting yet whimsical experience for his viewers. During his time at NYSCI he has worked on a wide variety of projects including designing exhibits for the Early Childhood space, developing emergent curriculum for educational programming and creating educational videos for teachers and students. He received his B.F.A. from F.I.T. and a Masters in Museum Education from Bank Street.
Michaela Labriole
Manager of Special Projects
Michaela manages special projects including teacher professional development, climate change education initiatives, and programs designed to engage girls in STEM.
Reid Bingham
Makerspace Coordinator
Reid oversees the design and implementation of family workshops in NYSCI’s Makerspace – an area dedicated to exploring the potential of tools and materials.  Mr. Bingham is an experienced maker, designer, and artist and has worked on an array of projects including large scale light installations, interactive museum displays, and custom electronics fabrication.  He joined the Makerspace team in May of 2013 and has been integral in implementing innovative maker programming focused on STEM content as well as training Makerspace staff to facilitate informal learning experiences.    He received his B.A. from Rutgers College in visual art and digital video production.