Project Ideas

These project ideas provide inspiration for teaching biology, chemistry, physics, and math through making. They were created by college students at Tufts University.

Physics in Scratch


Model Gravity, Force, and Acceleration using Scratch, an online visual programming environment. The final project can be seen here:  A great resource for getting started with Scratch that is available [ ]

LED Neurons


Program LEDs with the Arduino to represent biological processes. Learn basic logic and syntax of coding, and how to make that code interact with circuits of lights, resistors, and photovoltaic [ ]

Arduino Arcade


Have students build a simple arcade-style game using Arduino, breadboard, resistors, LEDs, buttons, sensors, and any other electronics materials available. Students should code some program to help keep score or [ ]

Origami Geometry


 Use congruency, trigonometry, and proofs to calculate the surface area of your origami creations! For more ideas, see: Geometric Exercises in Paper Folding, T. Sundara Row Project Origami, Thomas Hull [ ]


Periodic Table Card Game

According to many students, introductory chemistry is difficult because they don’t understand the fundamental chemistry concepts. This project aims to come up with an interesting way for students to memorize [ ]

Food Web Tile Game


 In this project, we designed an interactive boardgame for students to familiarize themselves with concepts of food chains, food webs, and tropic pyramids. Trang Ngo & Will Luna, Tufts University [ ]

Stages of Mitosis.


For this project, we were tasked with creating a visual representation of a biological process using the equipment available in the lab.   After a brainstorming session, we decided to [ ]

Cell Analogy


The goal of this project is to make an analogy of a cell to some real-world object or location, and then construct a model of the real-world object. Students should [ ]