What is the theme or topic to be presented?

Using paper shapes to create tessellations in order to prove certain geometric transformation concepts.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

Apply knowledge of geometric transformations to create a tessellation.

Geometry Standards Year 11

3.11 Analyze the properties of geometric transformation (translation, line

reflection, dilation and rotation) using the coordinate approach and apply them in solving problems

Key Vocabulary:

• Reflection

• Dilation

• Rotation

• Tessellation

Ideas for Building Materials: (per student)

• 5x5 inch piece of cardstock

• Ruler

• Scissors

• Blank paper

• Pencil

• Transparent tape

Materials for Optional Activity:

• Wood glue

• Fabric ink

• Fabric

• Colored markers or pens

• 6x6 inch wood block

• 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick craft foam

Prerequisite and Background Information:

Students should have an introductory understanding of tessellations before doing this Making activity. Below are two helpful websites that cover the background information students should know:




usaidnyscilesson10_tessellations_56d0b1cf215bbUSAID NYSCI Lesson 10_ Tessellations .pdfapplication/pdf5.58 MB

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