Repurposing Recycled Wastes


What is the theme or topic to be presented?

Repurposing and reusing materials that would normally be considered trash can make something useful and environmentally sustainable.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

• Design, plan and build a greenhouse using a minimum of 80% recycled,

reclaimed or repurposed materials.

• Explain how their greenhouse design is beneficial for human and

ecological life.

Biology Standards, Year 10:

3.12/4.16 Make products from recycled wastes that may be beneficial for the life*

Key Vocabulary:

• Recycle

• Waste

• Sustainable

• Solar Energy

• Thermal Energy

Ideas for Building Materials: (per student)

This is a completely open ended building assignment, so materials will varydepending on what students are able to source. Below is a list of possible materials that you can have available for students:

• 2 liter clear plastic soda bottles

• Clear CD cases

• Plastic sheeting (from old packaging)

• Fused clear plastic bags

• Hula hoops

• Old (clean) wire

• Reclaimed wood (this can be from old crates, wooden rulers, broken

furniture etc.)

• 5 gallon (and larger) buckets/tubs

Students should have a basic understanding of greenhouses before this lesson.

usaidnyscilesson8_repurposingrecywaste_56d0af6e0d562USAID NYSCI Lesson 8_ Repurposing Recy Waste .pdfapplication/pdf719.55 KB

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