Plane Geometry


What is the theme or topic to be presented?

Manipulating three-dimensional solids with fixed volume to solve real-world problems. 

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

• Understand the basic functionality of Tinkercad.

• Demonstrate knowledge of the properties of plane diagonals and three-dimensional geometric solids.

• Calculate the volume of various 3-D solids.

• Apply knowledge 3-D solids to solve real-world problems.

Geometry Standards, Year 12:

3.8 Analyze the concept and properties of solid diagonal, plane diagonal and diagonal plane in three-dimensional solids and apply them to solve problems.

Key Vocabulary:

Names of basic geometric shapes and their corresponding volume equations. A sample list can be found here:

Materials: (per student)

• Access to a computer with internet


• 3D printer (for printing of objects/creations, if desired)

Prerequisite: Students should be familiar with the basic functionality of Tinkercad. If they have not used this software before, several days of practice will be necessary. If students need additional practice with Tinkercad before this Making Activity, have them try the following beginner-level 5-step tutorial where they are making everyday objects:
Part-One/overview/. See “Additional Resources” at the end of this lesson for more Tinkercad practice lessons.

Tinkercad is fairly simple software to use, and is intuitive for most students. Once students have a basic understanding of the software they can begin the modeling lesson.

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