Determining pH


What is the theme or topic to be presented?

Students will experiment with pH and create a tasty carbonated beverage that is less acidic than those found in stores.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

• Create homemade pH test strips. (optional)

• Test the pH of various beverages and compare them to the pH of other


• Identify factors that contribute to the pH of a mixture.

• Apply their knowledge of pH to create their own soda with low acidity.

Year 11 Chemistry Standards:

4.9 Carry out an experiment to determine the pH of a solution.

Key Vocabulary:

• Acid

• Base

• Alkaline

Make Your Own pH Indicators

Teacher’s Note:
The following lab is for students to create their own pH test strips to be used in the Making Activity. While you can use pre-made pH indicators for the Making Activity, the homemade pH indicators are highly recommended, and provide another opportunity for hands-on learning.



Red cabbage leaves

1-quart cooking pot


1-quart bowl


Lab filter paper

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