Suggestions for Supporting the Space

 This webpage provides examples of:

  • Online tools to support staff collaboration and project management.  
  • Documents to help users operate equipment.
  • Tools for managing and maintaining equipment

 Online tools to support staff collaboration and project management

Project and task management programs such as Wunderlist can help staff members communicate to eachother and stay informed about tasks and projects. Wunderlist provides the ability to assign tasks, set reminders, upload documents, and make comments. An example is pictured below. 

Googel Docs
Google Docs enable staff members to edit documents, spreadsheets, forms, and presentations simlutaneously in realtime. This can be used to create documents as a team or to easily share documents between staff members. 

 Documents to help users operate equipment

Advice Documents
Documents that provide advice on using equipment can be helpful to mitigate issues or to inspire users to use the equipment in new ways. An example is linked below. The webpage provides advice on using 3D printers, laser cutters, Arduinos and Hue Animation.  It was created by college students during an internship.

Equipment Use Guides
Providing documents which explain how to use the equipment can decrease the amount of time that staff members need to spend on training new users or answer questions.

Complete guide located at:

Tools for managing and maintaining equipment

Equipment Reservation System
Online appointment scheduling programs such as SuperSaas (shown below) enable users to reserve time with the equipment. This mitigates lines and lets users know when the equipment is available.

Equipment Maintenace Schedule
Staff members and managers can use a maintenace schedule checklist (shown below) to keep track of routine maintenance.

Equipment Maintenace Instructions
A document of instructions can help staff members learn how to perform maintenace. Below is an image of maintenace instructions for a laser cutter. The full document is available to download below.

lasermaintenance_56cdc7b557599Laser Maintenance.docxapplication/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document2.80 MB

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