Project to Introduce LEGO MINDSTORMS


Participants build a 'Silly Walker' robot that moves without wheels. This project introduces the basics of building and programming LEGO MINDSTORMS. 


Introduction to materials: this activity introduces students to LEGO robotics by having students explore and use the many different pieces in their kit.

Collaboration and creativity: Students are introduced to an environment where they are encouraged to share ideas and be creative.

Basic building skills: students learn motor attachment, sturdy construction and connections that enable movement. 

Basic programming skills: students learn how to move motors with the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 program.
Presentation skills: students practice explaining and presenting their ideas to others

Collaborative learning: every group will have a different design, and the entire class can learn different ways of building with LEGO from sharing their designs with each other.

Teamwork skills: students practice teamwork by working in pairs. This introduction to teamwork will support their future projects that require work with others.

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 This project is also featured in the curriculum section of this website:

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