Project to Introduce Laser Cutting


 Participants create a laser cut structure by first prototyping the structure in cardboard then with the laser cutter.


Teamwork: participants must work effectively in groups to create a structure.

Process: this project helps participants to understand prototyping and the iterative design process.

Fabrication: participants learn about laser cutting as a method of fabrication.

Design: this project introduces how to create 3D structures from a 2D fabrication process.

Architecture: participants explore a field which combines art, science and mathematics.


Architects use small scale prototypes during their design process and to explain their ideas to land owners, investors, and others. Participants will create their own architectural designs and models in this project.

This project helps participants learn how to design three dimensional objects with two dimensional fabrication methods. This is done by first creating a prototype with cardboard. Then using that cardboard model as a reference to create a 2D digital drawing of the structure. These drawings are used to fabricate the design on a laser cutter.


Any vector drawing software may be used for this project. For example:
Inkscape | INKSCAPE tutorials
A free software program for designing vector graphics

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