Intro Project for Maker Internship


This is the project that we will work on first for the maker intenship as a way of introducing everybody to all of the tools available.  The project outline and the CAD ball-in-socket joint file are both included below, as well as a brief description of each of the introductions I gave for the various tools as the facilitator.


 Description of the intro project


 Joint file for 123D Design

joint_568a751e3067eJoint.123dx185.74 KB
Elements of a Story
3D Modeling Intro
Laser Cutting
Arduino Intro
HUE Animation Intro

 The stop motion animatino software is pretty self explanatory and has a fairly easy to figure out interface.  I gave a short demonstration of a few cool features that I considered hard to find but mostly encouraged the group to explore the software on their own.

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