Luke and Vincent’s Astronaut


We did this intro project as a way to familiarize ourselves with the tools we would be using during this internship period. The goal was to make a 30 second animation using the tools in the maker studio.
We brainstormed a couple of ideas and eventually we settled on making a video about an astronaut and his misadventures.
We used 123D design to make our astronaut. This was our first time using this software so we had a simple astronaut made from basic shapes i.e. spheres, cylinders, prisms and cubes.
We then had to 3D print our astronaut bit by bit using the AFINIA 3D printer. 
Laser cutting both wood and acrylic made the props for the setting. The wood was used to represent the lunar landscape, a rock and an alien. The acrylic was used to represent the space ship.
Arduino kits were used for the lighting used in the film.
We used Adobe illustrator to design the scenery.
Problems Encountered:
The whole process had a few setbacks. For starters the 3D printer took almost two hours to print our astronaut. We also had trouble peeling the astronaut from the 3D printer’s base. A solution for this is to heat up the base slightly.
The laser cutter also couldn’t cut some of our props. We found out that it only accepted lines with a thickness of 0.001 inches.
Initially our Arduino kit didn’t work. We had to test the software on three different computers to get it to work. Consequently, we run out of time and had to make a short animation way below the 30 seconds allocated.
We also noticed that the joints in our astronaut didn’t fit perfectly. This might be as a result of the small errors in the 3D printer that were magnified. Printing bigger objects might reduce the effects of this problem. 

Story Board, Plan for Project
Design of Astronaut
3D Printing
Completed Astronaut
Designs for Scenery and Alien
LED Lighting
Final Scene, Animation
Completed Product, "The Astronaut and the Alien"

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