NYSCI Week 3 Teacher’s Guide

Week 3: Paper Circuits  Switches

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During Week 3, students will learn to read circuit diagrams, and create basic circuits using copper tape.  Students will also explore ways to incorporate switches into their circuits.


 NYSCI Week 3 Teacher's Guide and circuit diagrams.

circuitscurriculumweek3_5491961de8978Circuits Curriculum Week 3.pdfapplication/pdf1.92 MB
parallelcircuitdiagram_54919627114eaParallel Circuit Diagram.pdfapplication/pdf76.46 KB
circuitwithaswtichdiagram_54919627866c8Circuit with a Swtich Diagram.pdfapplication/pdf58.92 KB
simplecircuitdiagram_54919627f0bf1Simple Circuit Diagram.pdfapplication/pdf58.39 KB
sirkuitminggu3indonesia_54caa9b3c395dSirkuit Minggu 3 Indonesia.pdfapplication/pdf1.93 MB

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