NYSCI Week 1 Teacher’s Guide

Week 1: Buzz Bots

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 In week 1 students will be introduced to the concept of Making. They will explore circuits in everyday items by taking apart small electronics then utilize the components to create a small “buzz bot.” 


 NYSCI Week 1 Teacher's Guide and sample Buzz Bot videos.

circuitscurriculumweek1_54919b9f6a715Circuits Curriculum Week 1.pdfapplication/pdf1.52 MB
Buzz Bots VideoBuzz Bots 1 .MOVvideo/quicktime26.17 MB
Buzz Bots Video 2Buzz Bots 2.MOVvideo/quicktime55.50 MB
sirkuitminggu1indonesia_54caa982ea76fSirkuit Minggu 1 Indonesia.pdfapplication/pdf1.54 MB
cooltooloath_54caab1db76c4Cool Tool Oath.pdfapplication/pdf48.45 KB
cooltooloathindonesia_54caab1ec7358Cool Tool Oath Indonesia.pdfapplication/pdf54.19 KB

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