NYSCI Week 6 Teacher’s Guide

 Week 6: MaKey MaKey

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This week, students will be introduced to the MaKey MaKey.  They will be applying their knowledge of circuits and switches to design a creative way to use the MaKey MaKey.

NYSCI Week 6 Teacher's Guide & MaKey MaKey Troubleshooting


circuitscurriculum-makeymakeytroubleshooting_548f2b0514e87Circuits Curriculum - MaKey MaKey Troubleshooting.pdfapplication/pdf73.58 KB
circuitscurriculumwk6_5491abe5c3b9bCircuits Curriculum Wk 6.pdfapplication/pdf28.15 MB
sirkuitminggu6indonesia_54cbb73f412d3Sirkuit Minggu 6 Indonesia.pdfapplication/pdf1.53 MB

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