NYSCI Week 5 Teacher’s Guide

Week 5: Soldering  and Lanterns

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During Week 5, students are introduced to soldering.  They will solder their own printed circuit board (PCB), and then use it in a lantern that they create.  View the video below for a quick glimpse of soldering in action.


NYSCI Week 5 Teacher's Guide, Soldering Troubleshooting, Learn to Solder Comic handout, and Pyramid Templates.


circuitscurriculum-solderingtroubleshooting_548f2d60afb6aCircuits Curriculum - Soldering Troubleshooting.pdfapplication/pdf91.43 KB
learntosoldercomic_5491928061d8cLearn to Solder Comic.pdfapplication/pdf808.35 KB
circuitscurriculumweek5_5491ab39c5960Circuits Curriculum Week 5.pdfapplication/pdf4.21 MB
pyramid-square_5492e45c23f56pyramid-square.pdfapplication/pdf21.04 KB
pyramid-triangle_5492e45ca873epyramid-triangle.pdfapplication/pdf20.60 KB
sirkuitminggu5indonesia_54caa953b6efcSirkuit Minggu 5 Indonesia.pdfapplication/pdf4.20 MB
panduanpemecahanmasalahpadamensolder_54caac62b3750Panduan Pemecahan Masalah Pada Mensolder.pdfapplication/pdf103.27 KB

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